Is your website starved for attention?

With industry-standard and real-world tested methods that I've used for more than 15 years as a web designer, web developer, and webmaster, I build intuitive, easy-to-maintain websites that your site's visitors will find informative and engaging.

My work can give you...

  • A site that never gets out-of-date. You'll be able to select and/or schedule what you want to display on your site in advance. 
  • A site with a consistent look and feel that helps your visitors quickly find and understand the information they're seeking.
  • A site that can be managed by a small group of contributors without the need to learn complex HTML code.
Feature Benefit
» Site plans that anticipate your business's growth Add a new section to your site when you want without needing to redesign.
» Site plans that accommodate both searchers and browsers Give your site visitors what they're looking for quickly, regardless of how they prefer to use the web.
» Automated site updates Plan Monday-morning changes to your site without working weekends. Never let your website get out of date.
» Customized documents that users can download Streamline your paper trail, save on postage costs, and deliver on-demand info to your site visitors.
» Standards-compliant HTML Your site's look and feel is consistent no matter what kind of computer or browser your site visitors use to access it.
» User registration and login Build relationships with your customers, generate sales leads, and give your site visitors a personalized experience.
» Straightforward admin tools Spend time growing your site, not learning or updating code.
» Process credit-card payments in real-time Generate new customers and revenue from your site.